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Festive Devils of the Americas



Foreword by
Diana Taylor

i. Festive Devils of the Americas: Dancing with the Devil
by Milla Cozart Riggio,Angela Marino, and Paolo Vignolo

Andean and Pacific Coast Devils
i. Via Crucis and the Passion of a Diabla: Public space, historical memory
and cultural rights in the carnival of Riosucio (Colombia)
by Paolo Vignolo
ii. The Virgin of Candelaria and Her Dancing Devils (Puno, Peru)
by Miguel Rubio Zapata
iii. Masks: A Photographic Essay by Amiel Cayo
iv. The Devil, Temptation, and Penitence in Oruro¹s Carnival Pageant
by Thomas Abercrombie
v. The Diablada of Oruro: A Photographic Essay by Miguel Gandert
vi. Resignified Devils: Performing Imaginations of Peruvian Blackness
by Monica Rojas

Caribbean and Afro-Atlantic Devils
i. Diabolic Suffering, Whips, and the Burning
of Judas: Holy Week in Cabral, Dominican Republic by Max Harris
ii."The Vejigante [trickster/diablo] is painted/Green, yellow, and red..."
By Lowell Fiet
iii. Pay the Devil, Jab Jab: Festive Devils in Trinidad Carnival
by Milla Cozart Riggio and Rawle Gibbons with Raviji
iv. The Devil's Turn by Angela Marino
v.Our Everyday devil:Brazilian embodiment of European Catholic tradition
by Zeca Ligiéro

Northern and Central American Devils
i. Pancho and Minga: Devilish Renegades of México by Anita Gonzalez
ii. From Kiva to Fandango to Casino: Demonic Admonitions for
Changing Times by Enrique R. Lamadrid
iii. The Inferno: Burning Man and the Tipping Point
by Rachel Bowditch

i.Matters of the Spirit: Rendering Festive Devils unto Various Gods
by Milla Riggio
ii. Who Owns the Devil? by Paolo Vignolo


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