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This site is dedicated to the research, participation and continuation of fiestas, religious manifestations, and carnivals of devils dances in the Americas. The festive devil figure appears in processions, in theatres, carnival acts, cartoons, on billboards, in songs and speeches. It is a highly symbolic figure that carries with it ideas of what is 'evil' alongside play, honor, faith and collective action. They also reveal complex patterns of migration and diaspora, history and the stories of people that create them. The fiestas and devil dances that are sketched in this site throughout the American hemisphere help to situate these acts historically, and draw vital connections toward their continued practice.

As you view this site, we invite you to comment and share experience you may have of devils in popular fiesta. The blog is open to participants who sign in as a member of the site and represents one of the many ways to broaden the discussion among festival attendees, practitioners, scholars and artists. The calendar page and map include only a fraction of the thousands of devils dances in the Americas. We hope they provide an example of the complexity, range and also commonalities among these performances. This is an open project, designed to expand collaboratively in appreciation of these dynamic performance in the Americas today.

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University of California, Berkeley
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